The Punany Poets

Intimate Theater for Lovers & Friends
Verbal Penetration Family
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"Jessica, I love you and your message! Since HBO Real Sex. I saw you once in NYC, your first tour, years ago, with the wrong partner. Now I have the right one! When you come back this year, I will be there! Thank you for keeping the message alive!!!" BX FireBird
The Head Doctor Show: "X Visions of You"

Bring your E-Ticket and your open mind to The Head Doctor Show: "X Visions of You." As seen on HBO, BET & Playboy TV, Author/Activist Jessica Holter stars in this erotic cabaret show for especially for lovers and friends. Replete with sensational story-telling with exotic dance interpretation ripped from the pages of her book Verbal Penetration, The Head Doctor blends fantasy, comedy and romance to create a safe place for lust and love to play together. Every episode of The Punany Poets Hands-On Theater is intimate, interactive and definitely for adults only. This summer The Head Doctor invites you to release your inhibitions and fall in love again.